Tips For Using Diamond Tools

Use of diamond saw blades:

1. Sufficient water supply (water pressure greater than 0.1Mpa).

2. The water supply pipe is at the cutting position of the saw blade.

3. In case of accidental interruption of water supply, please restore water supply as soon as possible, otherwise it is recommended to suspend cutting.

Use of diamond grinding wheel:

1. After installing the diamond grinding wheel onto the flange, it must undergo static balancing before use. Do not remove the grinding wheel from the flange before it is used up, as this can extend the service life of the grinding wheel.

2. When grinding, cooling liquid should be used as much as possible, which can not only improve grinding efficiency and quality, but also reduce grinding wheel wear. The commonly used coolant is kerosene. For light diesel and light gasoline, kerosene is generally preferred.


Post time: Mar-23-2023