Teach You How To Choose A Core Drill Bit?


The core drill bit is a cutting tool that is widely used in the one-time cutting range of drill bits. It can process large and deep holes with relatively small power, and can increase the size of the drill bit, which greatly reduces the processing cost in factory production processing.


Drill bits are divided into three categories in terms of material: ordinary steel, high-speed steel, and super steel.


Generally, the cost of steel is low, the resistance of the inner wall is relatively large, the port is easy to curl and bend, the hand feels heavy, the material is easy to blacken and anneal, and is not durable;


The inner wall of high-speed steel is very thin. Due to the high hardness, the drill bit has poor toughness, is easy to break, is not easy to wear, and is easy to get stuck;


Special pole steel, high-quality steel, special high-hardness quenching treatment, ultra-low temperature treatment, both toughness and hardness, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, sharp and durable, smoother inner wall, less resistance, not easy to block when working.


When cutting different materials, the cutting edge angle and length of the core drill bit are different, such as steamer paper, tag, punching machine, etc. The channel in the inner hole of the drill adopts a funnel design. Keeping the front surface, the chip removal function will not be reduced during compression, and the lower the front surface is ground, the easier it is to drill and the better the use effect.

Advantages of special steel core bits:


1. High hardness steel, strong and durable. High-quality imported steel is selected, after high-hardness quenching treatment, ultra-cold stress relief treatment, effectively reducing annealing blackening and metal fatigue;


2. Exquisite workmanship, smooth inner wall. Fine anti-friction treatment, smoother inner wall, lower resistance, no clogging;


High-quality steel, quality assurance. Using high-quality high-strength steel, good wear resistance, inner opening angle, sharp and durable, fast drilling speed, efficient and fast.

Post time: Nov-14-2023